About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality of Plants

Fanny Garden is a startup that tries to bring green space wherever you are. Both in Indonesia or other parts of the world

We start a business by bridging farmers who have crops or services but they don’t get very good results

Why we do that?

Because our focus is providing the socio-economy impact for many of our partners (farmers and job seeker).

The products we sell are tropical plants, cactus, succulent and landscape care

FannyGarden.com bring green spaces for you!

Our Company

Fanny Garden was founded by a family that loves plants. At first it was just a hobby, but it seems that there are many other people out there who also want and have the same preferences, finally we reproduce and provide our collection of plants for other plant enthusiasts to have and grow.

It is very happy when we see and feel the plants that we grow grow to be very beautiful and beautiful, with the best posture, have good nutrition and health, of course. There are many beautiful plants out there that are unkempt and in very bad condition, so let’s start learning to return to nature and love other creatures including plants.

With Fanny Garden, let us green the earth again, preserve nature and also create a natural environment with your favorite plants starting from your home, your room, your living room and even your plant garden.

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